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Breeding Barn


RX Acres Stallion/Breeding Service is a full time, year round facility managed by Melissa Brown.  Melissa teaches several reproduction workshops during the breeding season in conjunction with Purdue Extension.  Let Melissa’s experience and expertise in draft horse reproduction go to work for you.

  • Reasonable daily rates that include full feed to ensure your mare receives the utmost nutritional care while at our facility

    • Soaked Beet Pulp

    • Hay - alfalfa/orchard grass made by us on our own farm

    • Oats - made by us on our own farm

    • Next Generation Pennwoods mineral

  • Horses are fed four times a day

    • Morning and evening feedings include full grain and hay

    • Noon feeding of hay

    • Midnight feeding of Beet Pulp, oats, and hay for lactating mares

  • 24 hour monitoring of your mare

  • Complete and comprehensive insurance to ensure that whatever happens, you are protected
  • Stallions housed on our farm to ensure prompt semen collections and timely breeding

  • Spacious stalls

    • 14x22 with lime base and straw bedding

    • Each stall is equipped for mares under lights

    • Each stall is monitored by cameras with sound

  • Oak board paddocks to ensure safe and adequate exercise

    • Shoe Friendly Paddocks

Breeding Barn


Mare transportation available upon request. 

Our farm has easy access from I-65, State Route 24, and State Road 18.

Breeding Barn



Dris Abraham, Owner
8957 S. 300 E., Brookston, IN 47923
Cell Phone 765-479-0369 - Home 765-563-0369 - Office 765-567-4700
Melissa Brown, Breeding Manager, 765-479-0367

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