Stallion Services

Our stallions are housed on our farm to ensure prompt semen collections and timely breeding. Continue onto the Stallion Services page for details.

We have available stalls to stand outside stallions. We are able to train studs to collect to the dummy and ship to mares on your behalf. All paperwork and shipping arrangements will be taken care by RX Acres.

We can train your stallion for collection and find his individual needs so your shipments are meeting full potential.


Take advantage of RX Acres' facilities and experience. Our spacious stalls equipped with cameras allow full attention to be paid to your mare. Individual turnout during the day and full nutrition complete the care your mare will receive. See Foaling Contract and the Facilities page for details.


RX Acres is the ideal place to bring your mare to be bred. Whether you wish to breed your mare to one of our stallions, or have semen shipped in, we can work with you and your needs to get your mare bred.

To board your mare for breeding - See On Farm Breeding Contract
Melissa will travel up to 100 mile radius from Roosevelt to inseminate your mare - See Off Site Breeding Contract


$20 a day includes Boarding and Training

Boarding: Individual paddock turnouts, complete feed twice a day, and spacious stalls. Visit the Facilities page for details.

Training includes daily grooming, harnessing, and driving. The horses will also be disciplined in cross ties, clipping, and bathing.

We will accept two year olds and older. We also offer retraining for older horses who haven't been driven in awhile. A minimum time of 30 days is expected for each horse. At that time, the trainer and owner will evaluate the horse and determine if more training is necessary.

Horses here for training will not be thrown nor will we use a Flying W. Your horse will go through the same basic training as the RX Acres Mares. Our mares work for a living, farming, hauling people, and training new drivers during clinics.

For Sale

Attention dressage and sport horse enthusiasts:

If any buyer wishes to purchase a foal with a long tail, please contact us within the first week of foaling. Must make a deposit.

Our foals have great temperaments, are eager workers, and have conformation for work or the show ring.

Select broke mares for sale:

We always have a select number of bred, broke mares for sale. Our mares work daily in the fields and in horse drawn transportation.


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