All meals are included from the Thursday night cookout through Sunday lunch.

Clinic sessions my be extended one day at the end or beginning of the three day period for an extra fee.

Reproduction Clinics- Scheduled as Needed

These clinics will be held at RX Acres Belgians breeding farm and are taught by Equine Professionals, not Veterinarians. While these clinics focus on draft horse reproduction, the information can be applied to any breed.

Topics Covered:

  • Health, first aid, and feeding pertaining to the pregnant mare, foals, and stallions
  • Foal Care first 7 days of life
  • Stallion management
  • Working with a Stallion Owner/Breeding Farm
  • Mare management throughout gestation
  • Teasing
  • Reproductive Anatomy of the stallion and mare
  • Breeding stable and farm layout
  • Various contracts used and their importance
  • Collection Procedures
  • Semen evaluation for transport and/or storage
  • Preparing to breed
  • Is your mare clean?
  • Lights
  • AI procedures
  • Supplies used, expenses, and sources
  • Procedure of receiving shipped semen
  • Should you breed?
  • Pedigrees
  • Conformation


Beginner's Draft Horse Workshop
May 4 - 7
August 31 - September 3

In this informative hands-on workshop you will learn to drive a team of Belgian Draft Horses in a farm setting. A great experience for both avid horseman and beginners.

Topics Covered:

  • Equine Care and Farm Management
  • Safety
  • First Aid and health common illness and injuries
  • Feeding Management Body Condition Scoring
  • Stable and Pasture Management multiple species pasture
  • Conformation and horse selection
  • Draft Breeds compare and contrast
  • Harness, Hitch, and Drive
  • Proper harness fitting and procedures
  • Safe hitching and unhitching procedures
  • Ground driving
  • Driving various equipment
  • Hauling people safely
  • Driving on roads and in crowds
  • Horse Drawn Farming
  • Farming without tractors
  • Sustainable farming practices
  • Equipment sources, use, and maintenance
  • Crop selection and rotation
  • Belgian horse hitched to ground driven cart
  • Saturday evening will be spent at RX Acres Belgians breeding farm.


Forage Clinic - June 1-4

Learn how to harvest hay in an efficient, productive manner.

  • Use state of the art horse hay equipment
  • Mower: I&J 9ft double cutting sickle bar
  • Tedder: I&J 9 ft
  • Rake: Pequea 9 1/2 ft sweep
  • Baler: John Deere 336 ground driven square
  • Forecart: I&J Ground Driven PTO – Heavy Duty with electric hydraulics
  • How to make hay without crimping it
  • Is uncrimped hay more nutritious?
  • In depth discussion about hay procedures and techniques


Advanced Workshop - October 19 - 22

Driving beyond the team. Participants attending this clinic are expected to know how to harness, hitch to a machine, and be comfortable with basic driving commands.

Topics Covered:

  • In depth discussion about farming techniques
  • Learn to drive a multiple hitch in a farm situation
  • Proper hitching and unhitching procedures
  • In depth discussion about equipment, maintenance, and hitching
  • What do you really need?

Draft Horse Farming Techniques
November 2 - 5

Topics Covered:
  • What equipment do I really need?
  • How to set up plow, disk, mower, baler etc.
  • Sustainable, Organic, Natural or Traditional which type should I do?
  • How much land do I need?
  • What crops can I raise?
  • Where do I sell my crop or do I feed it to livestock?
  • Should I use mixed power or be all horsepower?
  • We will leave no stone unturned during this very intensive clinic.

    Our climate here in SW Oklahoma will provide the perfect weather for this late season clinic.

All Clinics: $450/participant

Free lodging is available for clinic participants in guest bunk house on site
(see photos below).

Clinics begin with dinner on Thursday and include meals through Sunday lunch.

For more information on any of our clinics,
call Melissa at 765-479-0367




Private clinics are also available upon request

Click here for the Clinic Registration Form.

Class sizes are limited,
so register early
to reserve your spot!

NOTE: Custom Clinics that allow students to bring their horses will be offered in the "offseason".

Due to our mild climate, we can host workshops that involve students AND their horses from Dec 1 thru Apr 1, excluding holidays. Call us for more information.

2016 Clinics

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